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If you know a loved one stuck in jail, you can get them out with Orange County bail bonds. And the best way to secure your release is to work with Moncrief Bail Bonds, the go-to company for reliable bail bond services. Our Orange County bail bondsmen have served Central Florida and beyond for over 45 years. We understand that arrests can happen anytime, so we’re open 24/7 to help you return home from jail. When you’re sick of staying behind bars, call (407) 423-2000 to apply for our affordable bail bonds!

What Are Bail Bonds In Orange County?

After an arrest, most people are entitled to post bail for their release. They can pay in cash or work with an Orange County bail bonds company like Moncrief Bail Bonds. Since bail can be expensive, many choose the latter for flexible payment options and collateral. For example, you can post a $5000 bail for a percentage of the cost, typically 10%, through a mixture of cash and collateral items (jewelry, car titles, property, etc.) with the help of our agents. Our bail bonds in Orange County make it affordable to get out of jail.

We return collateral after you appear on all court dates. Basically, bail bonds encourage defendants to show up to trial but also allow them to return home. Both parties—the court and the defendant—find mutual benefits in this process: bail bonds can deter fleeing and reduce court absences, while defendants can settle down at home and prepare for their trial. So if you get the chance to post bail, take advantage of it by contacting our team for bail bonds.

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Choose Orange County Bail Bondsmen You Can Trust

Unfortunately, only a handful of Orange County bail bondsmen has your best interests in mind. Many charge high rates and use complicated qualifications underlying their bail bond terms. As a result, hiring an amateur bail bond agent can lead to more trouble than it’s worth. But Moncrief Bail Bonds has provided honest and reliable services since 1978, helping countless individuals leave jail. We thoroughly explain the bail bonds process to our clients and never leave them hanging. We provide:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Decades of experience
  • State and nationwide services
  • Superior payment options
  • Friendly, personable agents

Are You Stuck In Orange County Jail?

In Orange County, the arrested usually go to the Orange County Corrections Department. Located shortly away is the Booking and Release Center, where posting bail takes place, and our local office. You can visit us in person or call over the phone to get started on your bail bond. With a convenient spot just a short distance from the jail, we can go back and forth with ease to help you post bail. Moreover, our local bail bondsmen in Orange County have extensive knowledge of the jail system, quickly completing all paperwork and processes to return you home. So if you’re worried sick about a loved one in jail, get them out with the help of our professional bail bond agents.

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When you need a trustworthy Orange County bail bondsman at your side, turn to Moncrief Bail Bonds for help. We provide Orange County bail bonds of any size at affordable rates. As a result, our satisfied customers know to rely on us when they have a friend or family member stuck in jail. Imprisonment derails the lives of many people who deserve to be free. So if you know someone suffering behind bars, help them out by contacting us at Moncrief Bail Bonds!

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