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Merritt Island Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one are dealing with an arrest, Merritt Island bail bonds can help. A bail bond allows you to post bail quickly and affordably. You can choose from several bail bond options, but Moncrief Bail Bonds stands out from the rest. As experienced bondsmen, we’ve been in the business since 1978. Locals can count on our friendly team to overcome any bail obstacle, from a lack of collateral to multiple charges. Are you ready to get started? Call us today at (321) 557-2000!

What Are Bail Bonds In Merritt Island?

Let’s take a closer look at bail bonds in Merritt Island. Basically, bail is the amount of money you pay to get out of jail before your court date. But if you can’t afford it, you can use a bail bond instead. A bail bond guarantees the court that you’ll show up for your trial, and it is offered by a bondsman like Moncrief Bail Bonds. We’ll pay the bail on your behalf, usually for a small 10% fee. For example, if your bail is $1,000, you’d only need to pay our bondsman $100. Then you’re free to go until your court date, but you must show up when you’re supposed to. Working with our team is a hassle-free way to secure your release from jail.

Why Choose Our Merritt Island Bail Bonds Company

Not sure what to do after an arrest? These are usually your three main options:

  • Pay the Full Bail Amount: If you can afford it, pay the total bail money to the court. But this might be financially difficult for many people.
  • Stay in Jail: You can remain in jail until your court date. But this means you’ll miss out on time, work, and relationships back home.
  • Get a Bail Bond: Another option is to get help from a Merritt Island bail bonds company, like Moncrief Bail Bonds. We’ll make it easy to post bail for your release.

By posting bail or working with our bondsmen, you can leave jail and get back to your everyday life. If you need help with bail, Moncrief Bail Bonds is here to assist you.

Post Bail With Our Merritt Island Bail Bondsman

Dealing with the bail process alone can be a headache. Instead, consider our streamlined approach at Moncrief Bail Bonds. Here’s how it works when you need to post bail with our Merritt Island bail bondsman:

  • Talk to our bail bondsmen during a free consultation. We’ll go over your situation and suggest what you should do next.
  • We handle all the necessary paperwork and make sure everything is done right.
  • Pay a part of the bail amount, usually 10%. This is the fee for posting bail on your behalf.
  • After payment, we will finish the paperwork and post the bail bond for you. Now you’re free to return home!

Moncrief Bail Bonds can guide you through your bail bond. You can trust our years of experience posting bail for clients like you!

Bail Bond Example

Let’s say someone is arrested on a misdemeanor charge. The court sets their bail at $5,000. The defendant can’t afford to pay the total amount, so they decide to work with a bondsman like Moncrief Bail Bonds. They pay a $500 premium, which is 10% of the bail amount, to our team. Our bail bondsman then posts the $5,000 bond with the court on their behalf. The defendant is then released from custody, allowing them to go home until their court date.

Contact Our Bail Bondsmen In Merritt Island Today!

Don’t let the fear of getting arrested or being stuck in jail stress you out. If you or someone you care about needs help with Merritt Island bail bonds, reach out to Moncrief Bail Bonds. We work quickly to get you or your loved one out of jail. Contact our bail bondsmen in Merritt Island for a free consultation, and let us help you get back to your life as soon as possible!

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